Liyema Ngcete

My name is Liyema Ngcete and I am from Grahamstown (Makhanda), Eastern Cape. I am currently enrolled as a first-year student   at The University of the Witwatersrand, studying towards a Bachelor of Accounting Science. From a young age, I had a yearning to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant. I thoroughly enjoyed Mathematics and Accounting during High School. This career is internationally recognized and will expose me to an exciting, flexible business world with unlimited opportunities.

Once I have completed my Undergraduate Degree, I will further my studies by obtaining   a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA).

Being awarded the MASA Bursary has provided me with an amazing opportunity to study at a top university, which will bring about an unforgettable experience. I am extremely thankful for MASA’s generous investment in my future and for going the extra mile to ensure that I succeed. The bursary has paved a way for me to work towards becoming a CA, relieving my family and I from financial strain so that I can focus on the goal of graduating with outstanding results. It acts as a source of motivation in my life daily, constantly reminding me that the MASA Team believes that I have the potential to excel and make my dreams a reality.