Kgaogelo Bridget Mmako

My name is Kgaogelo Bridget Mmako. I reside in the small community of Olievenhoutbosch. I am currently in the freshman year of my Bachelor of Accounting Science degree. It has been my passion to have the ability to apply business principles and accounting rules to ensure that businesses are conducted in an ethical manner and the meaning of professionalism and good business practice are emphasized as the issue of corruption in companies is alleviated.
Chartered Accountancy connects various industries and opens doors to sectors that one can find interesting work in. It opens international opportunities and is a gateway to a challenging and exciting career.

As an honoured recipient of the MASA bursary programme, I am able to complete my undergraduate degree, further my studies by obtaining a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting( CTA) and hopefully being able to complete a learnership programme so I am able to write my two qualifying examinations, namely the Initial test of Competence (ITC) and the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

This opportunity has enabled me to believe that I possess some kind of potential to achieve the unimaginable, it has encouraged me to have a sense of direction, it has inspired vision and has made it my personal mission to contribute other student’s achieve their goals. MASA’s generous investment in my future has freed my family from financial strain so I am able to focus on my studies and obtain outstanding results.

I express my gratitude to MASA for giving me a once in lifetime opportunity and being a contributing factor to my growth as an individual. Being part of a family that constantly believes in your efforts makes it easier for one to overcome obstacles and always strive to achieve excellence. The light has ‘dawned’ and increased the clearness on my path.