Clementine Matlanyane

My name is Clementine Matlanyane and I joined MASA in February 2019 as an Internal Audit Trainee.

Prior to being an employee at MASA, I was doing my honours in Internal Auditing at the University of Pretoria. I chose internal auditing as a career as it is a career where one cannot be confined to a cubicle and one gets to explore different processes in different companies. That was my expectation from varsity and that’s what I am experiencing at MASA.

My career goals when leaving varsity were professional development, personal development and a work-life balance. I’ve always wanted to work for a small auditing company due to the exposure one receives and the responsibilities that one is assigned to. I believe this allows greater progression in the profession and MASA is no exception to that. Since joining MASA, I have been on two audits in two different companies.

Being at MASA has taught me to think differently. I have received a lot of support from management and fellow colleagues in my transition from being a full-time student to a full-time employee. I have learned working at MASA to that make the most of my workplace experience and for others is to:

  • Be a team-player;
  • Join professional groups or committees;
  • Always offer help to others;
  • Play hard (playing hard provides energy to work hard);
  • Find a mentor; and
  • Ask questions! Everyone is always willing to help.

The advice that I want to give people considering joining the MASA Family is “You will learn a lot from the experience.” MASA is one of the most exciting places to develop your career and experience diverse industries and you will feel it from day one.